Shishito Peppers with Lime

by BiteSizedJessica on April 21, 2013

Shishito Peppers © 2013 Jonathan MeterThis is such a fast and easy snack, but people will love it because shishito peppers are different and a step up from a bowl of chips. They’ll probably cost you about the same as a bag of tortillas and store-bought salsa or humus, but they’re healthier and more unusual. Make them once and you’ll be hooked.

(Snacks for 2)

½ lb shishito peppers
Olive oil
Sea salt

What To Do:

      1. Heat a skillet, preferably cast iron, on medium high heat. Lightly coat with oil and place whole shishitos in the pan when the oil is nearly smoking.
      2. Roast the peppers on high heat on all sides until brown and crispy. Remove from the pan and toss with sea salt and lime juice. Serve immediately!

Cooking Shishito Peppers © 2013 Jonathan Meter

© 2013 Jonathan and Jessica Meter


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