Sandwich Adventure in Park Slope

Sandwich Adventure in Park Slope

by BiteSizedJessica on March 30, 2011

On Sunday, Jonathan and I took a mini sandwich tour of Brooklyn, which we hope to continue on our next day off together. We went to Brooklyn Larder and the Beer Emporium in Park Slope and ate three different sandwiches, and a cupcake. We were both a little hungover and hadn’t eaten that morning. The train ride to Brooklyn was a little longer than we expected and when we got out of the train, we were so disoriented, starving and hungover that we almost went into the first pizza place we saw. Fortunately we restrained ourselves, especially when we realized that Brooklyn Larder was literally two steps away. We stumbled into the larder like two starved wolves and probably scared the poor guy behind the counter because we were so ravenous.

Brooklyn Larder sells prepared foods, house-pickled vegetables, artisanal cheeses, as well as imported dried pastas, olive oils, vinegars, Italian snacks, jams, and baked goods. I really liked this place and couldn’t decide what treats to eat there and what to bring home. We wound up trying the BLE – bacon, lettuce and egg sandwich – and the salami sandwich with swiss cheese and the house made pickled vegetables.

The BLE was on toasted white bread and was tasty. The lettuce was nicely dressed with delicious oil and vinegar that gave the sandwich a nice acidity. The hard boiled egg was perfectly cooked and the bacon was crispy and rich. We both liked the sandwich, but thought it could have been a little more stuffed with stuff – for $7.50, it was a little bit meager. The salami sandwich was a pressed sandwich and was our favorite. The salami was salty and not too fatty, and the pickled vegetables really elevated the sandwich beyond a typical salami and cheese.

We continued our walk through Park Slope, intending to head over to Frankie’s for a glass of wine and late afternoon snack. But we got sidetracked at Union Market, where we tasted some olives, some Guinness cheddar, and a cheese parker house roll that I could’ve eaten an entire basket of. By that time we decided to head up 4th avenue instead of trekking over to Frankie’s and were lured into a place called Beer Emporium. The isles of this place were lined with refrigerators filled with 100s of different types of beer. They also had these huge ice cream sandwiches that were the size of a burger that looked incredible. As we walked to the back of the store, we saw that on the other side of the beer isle were rows of tables and a place to order food. We ordered a $10 roast beef sandwich and waited at one of the picnic tables.

This roast beef sandwich was enormous. Sharing it we could barely finish a half (probably also because we’d already eaten two sandwiches). The roast beef itself was tasty, as was the horseradish cream on it. But there was way too much bread. Why is the bread always the downfall of these types of sandwiches? It was on an Italian roll, and the bread/stuff ratio was just way out of proportion, which made the sandwich a little dry. I don’t understand why these places don’t just scoop out some of the bread from the inside, or even better yet, slice the roll into three slices lengthwise, and use the middle, crust-less slice for another sandwich. This to me would save money and also make a better sandwich.

At this point we were both ready to pass out on the couch in front of the television, and we headed home to do just that. But not before we ate our carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting that we’d bought at Brooklyn Larder. All in all it was a very filling, very non-bitesized day.

© 2011 Jonathan Meter and Jessica Hertle

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