Our Seven Links

Our Seven Links

by BiteSizedJessica on September 29, 2011

Recently, Jon and I were asked to participate in the ‘My 7 Links’ project by a talented fellow food blogger, Steve at “Oui Chef“. The project asks bloggers to select seven posts that fill the following categories:

1. Most Beautiful
2. Most Popular
3. Most Controversial
4. Most Helpful
5. Most Surprisingly Successful
6. Most Neglected Post
7. Post we are Most Proud of

Once each category has been filled, the blogger selects five more fellow bloggers to continue the project and on it goes. We were honored to be chosen by our friend Steve – you can view his links project here – and were excited to look back at our archives and think about which posts really stood out to us. Without further ado, here are our 7 links!


1. Most Beautiful Post: Pizza

The idea to make these tomato pies occurred to me when I was sitting on the floor of Barnes and Noble reading about French street foods. It’s not as if margarita pizza is such an original idea, nor a French one for that matter, so I’m not sure how they were related in my mind at the time. But my idea was centered around my summer obsession with tomato confit, and my idea was to create the most savory little pie of well seasoned dough and the quintessential flavor of a tomato. These pies surpassed our expectations – Jon and I were slathering the leftover plain dough we baked off with the tomato confit oil and didn’t stop until everything had been eaten. Noonies was scavenging on the floor for crumbs. All three of us were captivated by the sensory, herby smells coming from our kitchen. For this post, we also used a new lighting technique that we have used many times since. Not only did we both love the pictures we took of the pizza, but the recipe we created was also one of our most delicious.


2. Our Most Popular Post: Scallop BLT

The idea for the scallop BLT came out of my wanting to put a BLT on the blog and not have it be just an ordinary sandwich.  The incorporation of a scallop into the BLT sandwich kind of blew our minds, and a lot of our followers’ as well. I think this was our most discussed / linked to post ever and every time we are stumped for an idea now, Jon just looks at me and says “just think of another idea like the scallop BLT”. Yeah well, easier said than done.


3. Most Controversial Post: India Loves Cows

After our trip to India, Jon and I spent a lot of time reflecting on what we’d seen, eaten and experienced while traveling. It wasn’t easy to summarize our trip in five posts because we’d been gone for so long and had been somewhere so foreign to us. There were a lot of things we loved about our trip to India, but there were a lot of aspects of the country and culture that we weren’t exactly enamored by. It was difficult at times to write about those aspects of the trip in a way that still respected the culture and country. We hoped this post wasn’t offensive, but the truth was, India really does love cows and as a result, parts of India really do smell bad.


4. Most Helpful Post: Making Gravlax

Jon and I have a ‘how to’ technique section of BiteSized where we post cooking methods and basic recipes. This curing process of a side of arctic char was one of our best method posts, and we’ve since made gravlax for several parties we’ve catered, as well as for my parents out at the beach. In terms of a step-by-step guide and explanation of the process, we thought this one was the most informative and helpful.


5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post: Pork Tacos

When we were making them, we did think these little taco shells were pretty cute. The salsa was also good, and we were out on Fire Island so we had some great lighting. We’d put some decent effort into smoking and seasoning up our pork shoulder. So we felt pretty good about the post. But we definitely didn’t think this little taco would bring us over 1,200 views on our site the day we posted it. But it did!


6. Most Neglected Post: Pork Ribs

For the post that Jon and I were surprised how little response we received, we chose these orange ginger pork ribs with pickled vegetables. The bite itself was really delicious – the pickled vegetables and sauteed greens in the sweet and savory orange ginger sauce was tangy and crunchy. The little ribs were succulent and delicious. We also really loved the graphic images we created with the vegetables and ribs for this post. We hope you’ll re-visit it now and see why we think it should have gotten more attention!


7. Our Proudest Post: Sage Wrapped Veal Meatball

Although it was our first post, I still consider it one of our best, and one that shares the most about who we are. Shooting the meatball suspended in air with sauce dripping off it was a huge challenge, and mastering it the way we did on our first shoot together was a triumphant feat. It also took forever. But we both were so happy with that first image, it inspired us to keep doing the blog and always try to capture the best image, even when at times we were tired and tempted to settle for something mediocre. We also love that this post incorporates our Sunday dinners, because those are the times we have the most fun cooking together and being with friends. I hope we can do more posts like this one in the future.

Thanks for checking out our project, and I hope you’ll check out the project of the fellow bloggers that we’ve chosen to participate as well!

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Oui, Chef September 29, 2011 at 9:01 pm

All of your posts are so fabulous I don’t know how you were able to choose these 7. Going to check out the neglected ribs now…that is, after I get a towel to wipe the drool off my chin from all the fab looking food in this post.

BiteSizedJessica September 30, 2011 at 12:11 am

Steve, thanks for your praise – your comments always bring a huge smile to my face and this one was no different. Thanks for being such a loyal, supportive fan! It means the world to us. – Jessica

Jessica October 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Can’t wait to get started!!

mayssam @ Will Travel for Food October 23, 2011 at 4:46 pm

Thanks again for nominating me 🙂 I just published my post and had so much fun writing it! 🙂

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