Santa Fe

Santa Fe

by BiteSizedJonathan on May 24, 2016


We might be moving to Santa Fe. Its so nice there. I know everyone says that after they go to Santa Fe. Our NYTimes 36 hours guidebook lists a realtors office for the moment on your trip when you think Lets move here! Well start a new, better life!

Anyways, we already picked out our house. Its currently being used as a photo gallery, but no matter. There are literally 100s of galleries in Santa Fe. Canyon Road is a mile of galleries, sprouting off onto little streets to the left and right of the main drag. The galleries are all beautiful and housed in actual former homes. Some of them are little adobe style clay buildings with those great domed fireplaces. Some are older looking wooden slatted structures with creaky floors and screened porches. Theyre all unique and beautiful, and so was the art. Tons of sculptures and installations lined the streets there, not just on the gallery road but throughout the city. Huge metal horses, bears, pigs, rabbits, goats and tons of other wild life overlook the city from their pedestals in front of stores and churches. One gallery boasts one of the largest collections of medieval Spanish art in the United States.


In our favorite gallery, a tan gentleman approached us and asked where we were from and what we were doing there. He seemed to me a happy bachelor whod made his home down by the creek and practiced the dont-worry-be-happy approach to life. He was so friendly and genuine that I enjoyed talking to him, which I cant often say of small talk with strangers. As we chatted about travel and life, he advised that we try not to worry so much. His sweet sincerity almost made me cry, especially as someone who tends to worry about everything. I vowed to take his advice to heart and try to relax, enjoy life and realize that its all good. I also noted that I really liked his shirt and vowed to find a similar one for Jon on this trip. Never a moment of philosophical introspection without a moment of total materialism.


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