Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

by BiteSizedJonathan on May 26, 2016


When Jon and I left Zion National Park headed to Grand Canyon, we misjudged the distance to our particular campsite within the park. 5 hours later, we rolled into our campsite at Grand Canyon National Park, starving and disgruntled.

After a crappy turkey sandwich that Jon ate hangrily in the Yavapai Tavern, a particularly un-scenic fast food style cafeteria, we were ready to do some hiking along the rim of the canyon.

It truly is a breathtaking sight to stand near the edge of this abyss and look out into thousands of years of geologic history. That being said, I was somewhat ready at this point for beers and snacks by the campfire. 4 hours of Jonathan’s picture taking later, the sun had set and we were headed back to our site.


As crowded as the sunset was with people taking pictures, videos, selfies, snapchats and all this other nonsense, thats how absolutely barren the walkways were the minute the sunset ended. The bus system in Grand Canyon National Park is bigger than some small cities in the US, and rather than wait and transfer to get back to our site, we decided to walk (Jon!).

I know this is absurd, but I’m afraid of the dark. Sorry, Im from NYC, I dont go outside at night anywhere that is actually dark, and I rarely walk through the woods. I love nature, I love the outdoors and I love camping but that doesnt mean Im not scared of it. The park brochure listed wildlife in the park, including mountain lions, so of course that is what I decided was stalking us on our two mile twilight hike back to camp. Mountain lions will eat you! There are rattlesnakes in this park, and we also saw some very aggressive looking elk on the same exact path on our way into the woods.


1 mile of my whimpering later, with Jon’s hand clutched tightly in mine, we approached two figures on the path heading towards us. As we neared, we saw it was two elderly ladies, one walking with a cane. Neither had a flashlight and both seemed at ease and were en route to a nature talk happening at the parks ampitheater. After passing these fearless grannies, Jon and I burst into laughter at the absurdity of my level of scaredy cat. I guess I chilled out a little for the rest of that walk, but I won’t pretend I wasn’t relieved to get back to our campsite. I guess I’ll always have a little NYC in me, no matter where I am.


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