About Us

About Us

We started Bite Sized with the goal of creating a beautiful, single bite of food with a unique flavors. Our inspiration comes from our constant quest to share food by making each other the best, quintessential ‘bite’, and the combination of our love for cooking and photography. Over the years, BiteSized has also become a place for us to share our travels, our experiences together in New York, and our favorite, non-BiteSized recipes that we cook for friends and family at home. In allowing each of our innovative passions to meld, we hope to share a story of who we are as a creative team.

Jessica is a cook and a writer. She
works as a Sous Chef at Mas (La Grillade).
In her spare time she loves to write
and cook for her friends,
family, and her cat Noonies.

Jessica is available for private catering and can be reached at Jessica@thebitesizedblog.com






Jonathan is a freelance photographer specializing
in food, still life, and travel photography.
you can see more of his work on his website:

He would love to work with you on your next project.
You can contact him at photo@jonathanmeter.com


Thanks to Hiroki Kobayashi for the portrait of Jonathan.

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